Politicians and Media fraternity rally for sustainable environment

The 3rd Kwa-Zulu Natal Environmental Empowerment Session took place at the Karriden, south-west of Durban from 27-29 August. It highlighted, discussed and shared issues on environmental sustainability issues, spearheaded by EcoForum and KZN Department of Environmental Affairs witnessed a coalition between politicians and media.

“This is in a contest to preserve and encourage sustainable lifestyle by people who are role models like media and politicians” says Tafadzwa Ndiyamba, the coordinator of Empowerment Sessions.
The three-day session was filled with applied exciting and informative activities revealing the reality around food security and climate change issues.

The core expanse of the session was to take a look on the environmental ethics, legislation and policy since 20 years of democracy. Intensive information sharing has resulted in Gauteng Legislature wanting to explore a platform with DUT Eco-Tourism Department, where all members of the Legislatures involved on environment can undertake the general course.

The Chairperson of Gauteng Legislature, Thulisiwe Nkabinde said “Attending such session has been an eye opener for us as the members of the Legislature. This should be taken serious, I feel that all members should undergo formal yet general course regardless of our educational background”.
Politicians, Media, environmental Officers and Celebrities got their hands dirty in the name of conserving the future, during tree planting forming part of the activities of the session, 40 trees were planted at the wetland Nazareth area replacing the indigenous trees that were cut down. The significance of tree planting was the symbol of commitment by the group into taking care of environment.
The attendees of the session were all awarded certificates to encourage them to go back to their respective areas of work and Implement what they have learnt and recuperate the existing environmental programmes and projects.

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