José Carlos Martínez Hernández Director de Desarrollo Empresarial Reforestamos México

José Carlos Martínez Hernández
Director de Desarrollo Empresarial
Reforestamos México

What is your name and where are you from?
JC: Jose Carlos Martínez I I am from Mexico

Describe yourself in 5 words?
JC: Passion, Youth, Innovation, Forests, Networking

What makes you proud to be a Mexican?
JC: Diversity

What are you doing to make your country better?
JC: We develop capacity building projects for young people making them able to develop entrepreneurship projects to change their reality and ensure the forests Mexico need for its development. Mexico trees

For anyone who wants to visit Mexico, which places are a must to see and why?
JC: That’s a hard one… If you like rainforests you can’t miss Chiapas or the Yucatan Peninsula (full of cenotes and magical archeological places). But we are a mega diverse country so, you can visit different kind of beaches in the Pacific, Golfo de Mexico and the Caribbean, you can visit great desserts in the north of the country and hidden jewels with so much history in the center of the country.

What traditional Mexican meal would you prepare for an international visitor?
JC: That must be tacos! Any kind of them!



Mexico Food


What are the most common foods in your country?
JC: Chili, beans, rice, corn flour which we make a lot of things starting with tortillas, tamales, tlacoyos, etc.

What environmental issues are you most passionate about?
JC: Youth and its relationship with the future of the forests

What is the most common animal in Mexico?
JC: Emblematic the jaguar but we have a lot of dogs 😉

What is the situation with forests in Mexico?
JC: The forests in Mexico are suffering from different issues, for example illegality, migration for their inhabitants, illegal trafficking. In Mexico 80% of the forests are owned by people from ejidos and communities, that’s the reason why our work is directed to the capacity building of the forest owners. They can make the difference and ensure the forests to have a better quality of life.

If you were the environmental Minister, what would you change?
JC: I would end Bureaucracy that makes really difficult the legality in our country.


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