Entries open for the 2014 KZN Waste Management Awards

The KwaZulu-Natal Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) is inviting  organisations in KwaZulu-Natal that are involved in efficient and effective waste management practices to enter the 2014 KZN Waste Management Awards.  Held every two years since 2002, the awards offer organisations an opportunity to showcase their waste management interventions and provide a benchmark for other organisations in their sector. The 2014 IWMSA awards are sponsored in by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (DAEA).

Purpose of the awards

The objectives of the awards are to encourage all organisations throughout the province to practice efficient waste management. This is done by raising awareness of efficient waste management and rewarding the achievements of organisations who are committed to practicing responsible and effective waste management.

The awards also provide an opportunity for organisations to address their waste management issues and through the competition process receive feedback into their waste management interventions and policies through site visits by the IWMSA. Furthermore organisations also stand to gain positive media exposure from the awards.

Award categories

There are three different categories for entries. They are as follows:

  • General manufacturing (Less than 250 employees): For industries involved with the manufacturing of products with a total number of 250 employees or less.
  • General manufacturing (More than 250 employees): For industries involved with the manufacturing of products with a total number of 250 employees or more.
  • Service industry: Any organisation that offers a service e.g. retail centres, hospitality establishments, housing estates or educational institutions.

The KZN Waste Management awards are open to all organisations that fall within these categories. If an organisation has more than one premises that operate independently then each premises of an organisation will be judged independently and thus must be entered separately.


Professional members of the IWMSA will judge organisations by conducting site visits and audits that will be carried out from July to October 2014. Trophies and certificates are also awarded to individuals who go the extra mile to encourage efficient waste management in their businesses. These awards include: Best cleaner production initiative, Most Innovative Waste Management Practice and Best New Entrant. Based on the judge’s audits, each category’s winners will be awarded with: Bronze certificates to entrants with a score of 50-64%, Silver certificates 65-75% and Gold certificates >75%. The entrants with the highest scores in each category will be the winners of the trophies.

Previous winners

In the 2012 year Engen Refinery won the Gold Certificate and Trophy in its Chemical Industry category for their efforts in reducing their waste to air, land and water. They were also commended for their efforts in developing   innovative methods of reprocessing their waste and their awareness raising and training of staff. Other winners in 2012 included Tongaat Hullet Sugar who won four Gold certificates and three Trophies for their continued maintenance of high standards and commitment to waste management issues.

Closing date for entries

The closing date for entry into the KZN Waste Management Awards 2014 is the 30th of May 2014. Interested parties can download the entry form attached below and must include the following documentation with their entry:

  • Your company’s waste management or environmental policy statements
  • Projects undertaken to address waste management and cost savings
  • Example copies of safe disposal certificates from your waste contractor
  • Relevant training and community awareness raising programmes
  • Any awards/commendations  received by the company
  • Any further information to assist in the audit
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