Who we are

EcoForum is a progressive organisation that seeks to bring to the fore the state of the planet, steer discussions and improve reporting on environmental & sustainable living issues which will then lead to better informed actions to save the planet.

Who is EcoForum
EcoForum is a cluster of different media representatives, role players and stakeholders with a special interest in environment and sustainable livelihoods publicity, campaigns and training.

EcoForum’s vision is for the Media across the board to be empowered to report on Environmental and sustainable livelihoods issues, and for the general public to embrace sustainable livelihoods Ecoforum Mission Statement Our mission is to provide a platform for media practitioners, media houses and media stakeholders to be empowered, capacitated and mobilized around reporting on environmental and sustainable livelihoods issues and topics in an objective and positive way, thereby influencing the public

ECOFORUM is an environment and sustainable living resource hub and coordinator
for Environment journalists. The Forum is the much needed bridge between environmental organisations and media.


  • Environment Training: facilitate and run short training courses on the environment & sustainable livelihoods/development for the media
  • Coordinating publicity of environmental issues: sending leads, press releases, newsletters and invitations to environment functions to media houses
  • Produce radio and television programs: conceptualise radio and television programs in partnership with respective media houses, environmental NGOs, Corporates and government
  • Environmental calendar Vigorously promote, publicise, celebrate and host/ take part in all the environmental days in an effort to increase awareness on the environmental issues.
  • Environment Information EcoForum uploads on its website and sends to media houses and Forum members all latest news, articles, documents, facts, reports, pictures, videos and podcasts on environmental issues.
  • Environment Advocacy——advocate for every media house to have an Eco-Journalist and also be part of campaigns for a better, sustainable and cleaner world
  • Environment ambassadors identify and publicise efforts by the Environment ambassadors. Use celebrities to spread the sustainability message.
  • Database for Environment Organisations EcoForum keeps and update a database and contacts of all reputable environmental organisations for the benefit of the media
  • Profile Environment Agencies in an effort to highlight and publicise the efforts being done by different environmental NGOs and corporate,